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Estancia Amakela – Argentina Dove Hunting Lodge

Santiago del Estero is a province located in northern Argentina. Along with the calming natural water, rich cultural heritage, and cuisine that will excite any foodie, it offers the best Argentina dove hunting opportunities.

Estancia Amakela is situated in Santiago del Estero and has become a famous big game hunting location throughout Argentina. However, due to the popularity and history of big game hunting, Estancia Amakela is not known for dove and pigeon hunting.

Why go Dove and Pigeon Shooting at Estancia Amakela

One of the best reasons to go dove hunting at Estancia Amakela is the province’s minimal pressure for wing shooting. Here, you can go dove and pigeon shooting with no hunting pressure or competitors in large open land and abundant Argentine pigeons and doves.

Santiago del Estero is also not well known for wing shooting because it was challenging to get there. There wasn’t adequate access to lodging or air and ground travel routes. However, you can expect daily flights from Buenos Aires. Luckily, the lodge is just 40 minutes from the airport. There are also daily flights from the U.S. to Cordoba and a 4-hour van ride. Clients decide which option works the best for them according to the time of year and the flight schedules.

Argentina Dove & Pigeon Hunting

Due to its exceptional number of fowl, Santiago del Estero is one of Argentina’s best provinces for dove, and wild pigeon, with at least 1,000 shots per hunter daily.

We pass shoot and hunt over decoys based on pigeon flight patterns and shooting locations and attempt to provide each group a mix of the two pigeon hunting styles. May through August are the peak months for pigeons, and doves can be found throughout the year. Our bag limitations are generous but limited to protecting the pigeon population and limitless dove hunting once you’ve reached your pigeon limits.

Morning hunts for doves and wild pigeons will take place less than 30 minutes from the lodge. This allows us to return to Amakela Resort for a tasty “picada” lunch and some downtime relaxing before heading to a different location for the afternoon hunt. You also can combine with large game, waiting in a high seat, and wild boar drives.

Santiago del Estero

Santiago del Estero stretches across 52,500 square miles of Argentina steep in anthropological history, laid-back Spanish culture, and peaceful ambiance. The land is relatively untouched, with small farms and privately owned land. As a result, few corporate associations are influencing the tourism industry in the area. That leaves the roosting locations for pigeons and doves in one central location and the perfect place for pigeon shooting.

Ensure you pack for the weather! It is warm all year round, thanks to the sub-tropical climate. This dynamic natural landscape is worth putting at the top of your bucket list.

Argentina Hunting Lodge

Estancia Amakela is a modern, luxury hunting lodge built in 2010, so you can rest assured that you get the best amenities for your Argentina dove hunting trip. Each perfectly decorated seven bedrooms has a private bathroom, and you can comfortably travel in groups of 14.

The Estancia Amakela lodge has a big pool for all our guests to enjoy during the warm weather. Are there non-hunting guests in your group? No problem. The lodge has gourmet foods, fine wines, and brilliant service to care for your needs.

This is not only a dove and pigeon hunter’s paradise but a special place to unwind in an exotic location. Here’s why you should visit Amakela:

There is no better place to enjoy your pigeon hunt! It will be productive, full of excitement, and sheer fun. Amakela is an exceptional 5-star hunting lodge where you will be offered top-notch service and amenities that Santiago del Estero offers.

Estancia Amakela Amenities

After you’ve had a long, warm day hunting, you can lounge around at the pool, reveling in the hunting trip you’ve just had, or schedule a relaxing and exclusive massage. You can even try a delicious outdoor dining experience of local cuisines at the resort.

They combine rifle and shotgun hunting in one of the most beautiful areas in Argentina – the Guasayan Mountain range. The Guasayan Mountain range is located in the western parts of the province, a mere 124km from Santiago del Estero, and comprises small mountains.

Some historians believe Guasayán means “view from the heights” or “path behind the sierra.” Villa Guasayán is ideal for history enthusiasts as the area also has some ruins from Native American inhabitants.

There is a wide range of stunning game to see in the high seat waiting or drives, such as water buffalo, axis deer, blackbuck antelope, European wild boars, and three species of Muflon and Fallow deer.

Explore the gorgeous wooded mountains that provide an abundance of unique, native fauna and flora. Just 40 minutes from the resort, you can try your luck fishing at The Dulce, Dorado at Termas de Rio Hondo, or Salado River. Spend time doing other great activities, including:

  • Horseback riding
  • 4 x 4 riding
  • Hiking
  • Trail walks

Final Thoughts

Estancia Amakela is one of the best 5-star lodges in Santiago del Estero! With full luxurious amenities and exceptional service, you can be sure your trip will be worthwhile.

Whether experienced in Argentina dove or pigeon shooting or about to embark on an all-new adventure, Amakela will provide a hunting experience you won’t forget! Your Argentina hunting trip is every adventurer’s dream, with ample activities to sign up for, including horseback riding, hiking, and game viewing.

Contact Charity Safaris via email or phone, and we’ll get in touch with available dates and itineraries. So start planning the trip of a lifetime today!


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