San Luis Province

Argentina Hunting

Hands down, Argentina is an exceptional place to go hunting, and it is an experience you won’t soon forget. Over the last decade, big game hunters have been exploring the vast wilderness of Argentina and partaking in some of the world’s best hunting activities. The climate is perfect, cultural cuisines satisfy all tastes, and panoramic views are some of the added benefits of Argentina hunting.

Taking this action-packed hunting trip in Argentina province, San Luis, you will get the opportunity to hunt for:

  • Red Stag
  • Blackbuck
  • Axis Deer
  • And many more!

Let’s explore why you need to book your Argentina hunting trip today!

Why Argentina Hunting

Apart from the wide climatic variations of subtropical and subpolar climates, Argentina boasts many different plants, animals, and ecological regions. Discover the acres of wild fields and multiple game species for expeditions with your hunting guide.

Another reason you should book an Argentina hunting trip is the 5-star accommodations and amenities. Get home from a long day’s hunt, relax in the pool, feast on gourmet meals, and try a range of local beer and wine in comfortable living areas with Wi-Fi.

Red Stag Argentina

Argentina has the perfect habitat for big game hunting, fishing, and wing-shooting. The country is rich in farm and ranchland with more than ten big game species. Argentina hunting seasons start in March through late July. The temperature is much cooler during these months for a more pleasurable experience.

Whether you prefer crossbow, rifle, or bow hunting, expect to have experienced hunting gaucho guides at your side. The hunt gets done by spot and stalk; however, special considerations can be made if it is not available. If you pack your archery gear for bow hunting, book another day or two if you have a longer trophy list.

Get the whole family involved in the adventure! Children 12 and older can join the adventure with a parent after taking a hunter safety course.

What does a day of Argentina hunting look like? A typical day will start with a delicious full breakfast and a trip to the field where you’ll be hunting. Then, travel back to the lodge to rest and enjoy a relaxing lunch and fiesta, followed by another hunt in the afternoon.

Finish the day with local wine, cocktails, and fine cuisine inspired by Argentine culture with beef, chicken, and venison. Finally, enjoy delicious desserts, for example, Dulce de leche and Crème caramel, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Available Species in the Fall and Winter (March through July)

There are various species available during Argentina hunting seasons:

  • Fallow Stag
  • Red Stag
  • Axis Deer
  • Mouflon Sheep
  • Wild Boar
  • Water buffalo
  • Jacobs 4-Horn Ram

Argentina Hunting Seasons

Argentina is in the summer hemisphere, so the seasons are opposite the United States. January is the warmest month of the year, so you can expect February and March to have longer days and be hot. While March is the start of the fall season, it is also the wettest. Ensure you pack hunting gear to keep dry during the rainy season but lightweight to protect yourself from the heat.

Argentina’s hunting seasons start in late February until the end of July. You will find prime game, such as fallow deer and red stag, that has matured near the end of February and early March. Axis deer can lose their antlers at any time but can get hunted during the middle of fall and winter.

Expect to hear the red stag rut in the middle of March, which will last till mid-April. May through July are excellent times to hunt because it is cooler and there is some rain. Spring is usually the low season for hunting, but the weather is fantastic as it is much cooler. Expect to be able to hunt the same species that you can in the summer and fall, except for red and follow stag. Nearing the end of July, Axis deer will drop its antlers.

Available Species in the Spring (September through November)

  • Blackbuck
  • Water Buffalo
  • Axis Deer
  • Mouflon Sheep
  • Wild Boar
  • Jacobs 4-Horn Ram

Argentina Red Stag Hunting Prices

Red stag trophy fees at Chischaca will be priced according to SCI (Safari Club International) scores. Nine scoring levels start at 312 SCI and go up to 500 SCI. You can also get management stags at a great discounted price should the opportunity arise. You can hunt red stag during the roar in more significant parts of the ranch. However, the red stag will become harder to pursue once the roar is over.

Argentina Dove Hunting

Argentina is the number one place for pigeon and dove hunting and is known for its excellent climate, geography, and abundance of doves and pigeons. There are so many pigeons that there are no federal bag limits, but it gets recommended that you don’t hunt more than 150-200 per day to hunt sustainably. Due to the temperate climate, doves breed 4 to 6 times yearly because of the many crops, water sources, and places to nest.

Accommodation in San Luis

Stay at the luxurious Estancia. Double rooms are equipped with two double beds or one queen and an ensuite bathroom. You can savor the best of the best in Spanish cuisine, locally sourced wine, and beer in the dining hall. Meet with other hunters and share your adventures over drinks by the pool or sauna. You might even try your luck at the poker table.

Non-Hunting Activities

This is an excellent opportunity to bond if you bring your children, spouse, or other loved ones. Come a few days before your hunt and go shopping in the Recoleta district in Buenos Aires. Find top-quality leather goods, colorful trinkets, and other locally made items. Argentina red stag hunting prices are so affordable that you will want all your loved ones along.

Here are some activities you can do at the exciting Chischaca lodge:

  • Hiking
  • Spa days
  • Horseback riding
  • Cooking lessons
  • San Luis tours of the city

Some things aren’t included with the Argentina hunting trip:

  • Airline tickets to Buenos Aires and San Luis City
  • Accommodations before and after your hunt
  • Taxidermy services
  • Rifle permits and rentals
  • Trophy fees
  • Trophy export costs
  • Argentina hunting license
  • Gratuities
  • Medical insurance


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